6-piece screwdriver set

Belong to the standard set of each workshop. The screwdriver set contains six of the most commonly used screwdrivers, ranging from a small screwdriver (PH2 X38 mm) to a large screwdriver (PH3 x 200 mm). The kit uses a luxury Eva soft module in which the screwdriver can be fitted perfectly. You can see at a glance which screwdriver you are missing and which screwdriver you need. The tool module is suitable for the skyhammertool vehicle. Get started now and get your work done with this screwdriver kit.

Eva set contains the following parts:

Phillips screwdriver: PH2x 38mm, PH0 x 75mm, PH1 x 100mm, PH2x 100mm, PH3 x 150mm, or PH3 x 200mm.

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