9pcs Pliers Eva set

An extensive set of pliers in a beautiful soft module.  This is a very extensive pair of pliers that contains all the pliers you need.  You can think of a combination pliers, water pump pliers, cutting pliers and locking springs.  Because this tool is packed in a module from the PRO series, an entire drawer in your Datona tool trolley is immediately filled.  The dimensions of this module are approximately 52 x 40 cm.  A handy thing about a tool module compared to loose tools is that it is clearer;  so you immediately know what's missing.



The set consists of the following parts:
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Water pump pliers 10''

Grip pliers 10"

Cutting pliers 8"

Straight point pliers 8''

Internal locking entrance right 7''

External locking entrance right 7''

Internal locking spring with an angle of angle 90° 7''

External locking spring entrance with an angle of 90° 7''

Combination pliers 8''