Eva pliers 2 sets

If you often use thin and hard metal parts, this set is highly recommended. The tool set includes pump pliers and pliers. The pump clamp is a multi-purpose clamp that can be used for many jobs due to the long lever and adjustable jaws. Pliers to clamp two metal plates together or hold them in place. Pliers are widely used for welding and drilling.

The tool is assembled in a plastic case and the pliers fit perfectly. The housing also provides storage for bolts, nuts or plugs. Eva lining measures 38 x 17 x 4 cm. So it works with all sky Hammer tool carts. Pliers kits can be extended indefinitely with many other handy tool kits.

The two piece pump pliers and the vise comprises:

Pump clamp: 250 mm

Pliers: 220 mm