Reasonable price for Car Repairing Socket - Torque wrench assembly sleeve – Sky Hammer

Torque wrench 5-25 nm-1/4 drive

The smallest torque wrench in this set is ideal for bikes and motorcycles. With a range of 5 to 25 Nm and a scale of only 0.25 Nm, you are always in the right place with this tool. The overall length is 25cm and can be turned left and right.

Torque wrench 20-120 nm-3/8 drive

The torque wrench in this set is ideal for motorcycles and cars. Thanks to its range of 20 to 120 Nm, you can perform a variety of jobs in cars and motorcycles. For example, consider replacing the (aluminum) rim. This bond is 3/8. The spanner is graduated at 1 Nm, making it ideal for use on motorcycles and cars. It measures 43 centimeters in length and can be turned left or right.

Torque wrench 40-220 nm-1/2 drive

This is the perfect torque wrench for any car mechanic or enthusiast. The wrench has a 1/2 actuator and a range of 40 to 220 Nm. If you often tinker with your car, this makes this tool indispensable. The handle is 59 centimeters long and made of the same metal as the other buttons. It has a fine scale of 1 Nm.